The Idea Hive Classroom Community: Students Sharing, Creating and Learning Together in Online Spaces

Heather Durnin is a Gr. 8 teacher in the Avon Maitland D.S.B. Her students use technology almost daily to share and create with other students they’ll likely never meet face to face across the school board and beyond. She believes that “the process is just as important as the product”. Her students would agree that “we learn better together.”
For the past two years, her students collaborate with Clarence Fisher’s gr. 7/8 class in Snow Lake, Manitoba on various projects. Using online learning spaces including Google Docs, Skype, Linoit, WordPress blogs, and TodaysMeet, students shared their learning and create together. Recent developments include an internet radio station, 105theHive.Give it a try:TodaysMeet

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Students discuss their learning on 105theHive