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You're Never Too Young To Learn: Using Technology To Document Student Achievement In The K-3 Classroom

While I moved to Grade 6 this year, I've taught JK-Grade 2 for the past 11 years. Even these young students can use technology to document their learning.

My Classroom 2.0 Live Presentation On Using Web 2.0 Tools In The Grade 1 Classroom

Classroom 2.0 LIVE - Technology Integration in Grade One Classroom from Kim Caise on Vimeo.

My RSCON3 Presentation On Using Web 2.0 Tools In The Primary Classroom

Slideshare Of Blogging In The Primary Classroom

Budding Bloggers Presentation From ECOO 2011

Using technology in the classroom, also provides a great opportunity to connect with parents, and bring the learning from the classroom, home.

My Presentation for Parents as Partners on Using Web 2.0 Tools To Connect With Parents

These presentations give an overview of how technology can be used in the classroom with young students. I'm hoping that this Minds on Media session will allow us to discuss the following:

  1. Different Web 2.0 tools to use in the primary classroom.
  2. How these tools can be used to meet curriculum expectations.
  3. How these tools can be used to connect the home and the school to further student achievement.
  4. How time can be spent teaching the content instead of teaching the tools.
  5. How teachers can use these tools to document student learning.
  6. How students can use these tools to document their own learning.

Please bring your ideas to share and your questions as well! I look forward to learning together.

Minds on Media Slideshare Presentation

This is not meant to be a presentation, but more of just a little something to get you thinking. Let's call it my Minds on Media Session "Teaser" instead. :)

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